Title: Your Hand in Mine
Author: Icefallstears
Fandom/Genre: Harry Potter
Relationship(s): Tom Riddle/Harry Potter


Harry’s hands were sweating inside his gloves all through breakfast. He knew that he’d made the decision, but that didn’t make the waiting any easier. He’d not told any of his friends that he was going to do it. His friends were great and would absolutely support him in this, but there were two reasons he hadn’t told them. The first was that in their excitement for him it would probably end up traversing half the school in around an hour and the Daily prophet in two. Harry had no intention of letting the Daily Prophet know anything had happened before it had to be public. The second reason was that it only felt right to let Tom know of his decision first. Well, mostly first as it had to be done in front of at least two witnesses; but still, Harry didn’t want Tom to feel like he was the last to know.

Harry kept picking at his breakfast. He wanted to wait until as many of his schoolmates left the great hall as possible but he also knew that Tom was likely to leave before breakfast was over. It was Sunday, though, Tom didn’t have a class to prepare for so it was likely that he’d stay longer. The great hall was about half empty when Harry saw that Tom was getting up to leave. Harry got up and walked up the the staff table as casually as possible. Harry could feel the gazes of the remaining students swerving to him as he approached Tom.

Tom saw him approaching and stopped to wait by the end of the table and smiled. Harry smiled back and began to speak, “Tomas Riddle, Lord Slytherin, you courtship has been received with pleasure. Would you do me the honor of shaking my hand?” Harry pulled one black glove off, grateful that his voice did not shake.

The entire great hall had gone silent and watchful. Tom smiled a brilliant smile and reached out his hand. Harry smiled nervously and then placed his bare hand in Tom’s. Harry nearly fell over as a feeling of contentment and happiness reverberated through his body and his vision went white to the sound of chiming bells. Harry leaned forward as he felt Tom pull him into his arms and held on for dear life. They were soul mates. Harry’s deepest wish had come true.


Title: Your Arms Like Towers
Author: Icefallstears
Fandom/Genre: Leverage/Criminal Minds
Relationship(s): Spencer Reid/ Eliot Spencer OR Spencer Reid/Aaron Hotchner, Penelope Garcia/Kevin Lynch, Parker/Hardison
Content Rating: NC-17 for Language, Homophobic Language, Graphic Violence, and Mind Fuckery, Past Drug Use


Eliot waited for the door to close behind their captors. When he heard it shut and bolt from the outside he moved over to Reid’s pallet. Reid was pale and breathing harshly, having come back from another torture session. Eliot helped Reid sit up and lean against him as they began the now familiar routine of Reid sipping water until he could stomach drinking the rest of the bottle.

It was the end of day six of their imprisonment and surprisingly they were in good condition. Their captors while wanting to inflict as much pain as possible seemed to not want to cause any kind of damage that could leave marks on them. That sidelined quite a bit of things used to cause physical torture and as far as Eliot was concerned practicing on bankers and doctors had in no way prepared them for either Eliot or Reid who both had previous experiences of much worse tortures.

Reid finished his bottle of water and snuggled in close. They’d taken to snuggling because it reminded them that not all touch caused pain. Eliot was also enamored of snuggling with Reid because as the days had passed his instincts that had told him at the very beginning of their capture that Reid was worth falling for had been verified. Reid was smart, funny, eloquent and elegant not to mention tough. Reid didn’t look tough but anyone who could do the job he did in hunting down serial killers by getting inside their head had to be tough. Plus Reid seemed to shake off the torture very well and that was another mark for toughness.

The only thing that worried Eliot was how things would go when they got out. The fact was, for all the crew did for people who had nowhere to go, what they did was still extremely illegal and Reid was F.B.I.. If Reid’s side found them first it was likely that Eliot would be taken into custody if they managed to print him or i.d. him in any manner. Eliot could break out easily enough from a F.B.I. building with the help of the crew but he’d have to go underground for a while and that would mean never getting to see Reid again.

The only way this could end well was if his side got there first. They’d be able to get Reid back to his people and find a way to leave Eliot off the radar enough that he could keep in contact with Reid. It would never be ideal and he’d given Reid his real name. That meant if he wanted to retire and be in Reid’s life full time he’d have to change his name and he didn’t think Reid would go for that.

Eliot sighed and wanted to bang his head against the wall. He wanted to keep Reid dammit. He just needed to figure out how.

Your Heart is My Home – EAD

Title: Your Heart is My Home
Author: Icefallstears
Fandom/Genre: Harry Potter
Relationship(s): Harry/Draco


Lucius wanted to scream in rage and frustration despite the damn Malfoy “decorum.” Draco, his son, had been revealed to be Harry Potter’s soul mate. There was already a petition in the Wizengamot to have Draco removed from Lucius’ custody and family line so that the Boy Who Lived would not be influenced by a “dark” family. Lucius just knew that Dumbledore was behind the petition. After all Dumbledore had kept both boys at Hogwarts after the end of term citing those same “concerns.”

However, the petition was the least of his worries. He had felt his Lord’s attempt at resurrection. The attempt that Harry Potter and his son together had foiled. Even now his mark burned with thwarted rage at the boys. And now with the public announcement of the bond his Lord was sure to know that he could harm the Boy Who Lived by harming Lucius’ son. Lucius had no doubt that should his Lord rise again that he’d immediately order Lucius to hand his son over.

It was untenable! Unless Lucius did something Draco would eventually complete the soul mate bond and tie his life to that creature of Dumbledore’s. Lucius would not have it. Fortunately, he knew that Severus would be equally incensed over his godson’s fate and with a little luck and some trust on the part of that fool Dumbledore would help Lucius end the situation permanently.

Binding Words – EAD

Title: Binding Words – EAD
Author: Icefallstears
Fandom/Genre: Harry Potter
Relationship(s): Harry/Draco


Harry slid behind a tapestry and took the hidden passage there down to the dungeons. He was in no mood to travel the halls with the rest of his classmates. Graduation was coming in two months and his fate was sealed. He was to be married the day after graduation to Eloise Gresham. She had graduated two years ago but the marriage contract had been in place since his naming day. He was bound by law and magic to marry her and he hated it.

Oh Eloise was nice enough. She had been chosen to study with Lady Helga and was quite adept at divination and runes but that didn’t mean Harry felt that he could ever love her. They were friendly enough but Harry’s heart had chosen another. Sadly the one who had stolen his heart was also contracted to be married the day after graduation.

Harry was in love with Draco Malfoy and Draco loved him back, he knew it in his bones. Draco had not told him, just as he had not told Draco, because they both were bound by contract and nothing could ever come of it. Harry couldn’t even hold Draco’s hand without them both violating the contracts their parents had placed on them.

Harry reached the dungeons and slipped through the shadows until he reached the entrance to the Slytherin dorm. He gave the password and headed straight to the room he and Draco had been assigned to in their first year. When he opened the door he wasn’t surprised to see Draco already there, studying in front of the fire. Draco looked up from his books, glanced at the letter clenched in Harry’s fist, and then patted the rug next to him.

Harry sat down, and did the only thing he could. The only thing he was allowed to do. He leaned his shoulders against Draco’s, closed his eyes and sighed.

“I wish the contracts didn’t exist. I only want to be bound to you.” Harry whispered.

Draco sagged against him. “My only wish is to be bound to you.” Draco replied.

As both boys had their eyes closed in defeat, neither noticed a faint white glow envelope them briefly. However, the boys would find out soon enough that not noticing it didn’t mean that it hadn’t happened.

Family Hunt – EAD

Title: Family Hunt – EAD
Author: Icefallstears
Fandom/Genre: MCU/Avengers/Captain America 1 & 2
Relationship(s): Undetermined
Spoilers: CA: Winter Soldier


“Tony, what is it? Tony? Tony? Tony are you alright?”

Steve Rogers wanted to reach out and shake Tony but knew that it was a bad idea. If he startled Tony, Tony could accidentally lash out and even though it wouldn’t hurt Steve because Tony wasn’t wearing the suit it would be bad for their burgeoning teamwork.

On the other hand, Tony was dead white and there were fine tremors in his hands. Tony had been going over the data that they had salvaged from from the computers at the last Hydra base they had uncovered when he had suddenly cursed and swayed like he had been struck. Now Steve couldn’t seem to get a response out of Tony.

Steve started and so did Sam, who was sitting on the couch, when Tony picked up the nearest breakable object and threw it across the lab. It smashed against the wall with a loud crash. Tony seemed to sag when the last pieces of it hit the floor. Steve looked to Sam but Sam seemed to be as wary about Tony’s outburst as he was.

“Tony what’s wrong?”

Tony ran a shaking hand through his hair.

“The hard drives we took contain weapons plans. Scans of hand drafted blueprints. My father’s designs. Designs that I haven’t seen before. They were dated this year.”

Steve’s mind went blank except for one thought.

“Tony, Howard died years ago. Zola said that Hydra had him killed”

Sam stood up then.

“Steve,” Sam said, “I think what Tony is trying to say is that his father is alive and working for Hydra.”

Steve balked, “Howard helped found SHIELD. He’d never work for Hydra.”

Tony was still pale and silent but the look he gave Steve was full of contempt. He opened his mouth to say something, but Sam jumped in again.

“Steve, we have been raiding Hydra bases for the past three months looking for your friend Barnes who was mind wiped into working for them. Who’s to say that they didn’t do the same thing to Tony’s dad? Why kill a weapons designer when you can make them want to work for you?”

Behind Blue Eyes EAD

Title: Behind Blue Eyes – EAD
Author: Icefallstears
Fandom/Genre: MCU/Avengers
Relationship(s): Loki/Tony


Tony woke up with a groan. His head was screaming and his body was on fire. He hadn’t felt this bad since his time in Afghanistan. He opened his eyes and blinked. Everything was a shade of blue, everything. He sat up gingerly and was surprised that it didn’t hurt. He placed his right hand over his ribs and realized that though it still felt like his ribs were broken and there was a gash over them it was more like an echo. It hurt, sure ,but actually moving or touching it didn’t increase the pain in any way.

Tony began to have a feeling of dread. Ignoring the medics who approached him he closed his eyes and focussed inward towards the pain. He followed the feeling to the back of his mind and further. He could hear someone screaming agonized epithets from the other end of the connection. He could feel the sensation of barbed wire chains wrapped around the Will of the one on the other end of the connection. He needed to know who it was, so he reached. When he reached he felt a mental snap and suddenly he was looking out of someone else’s eyes.

Fact 1: The person whose eyes he was looking out of was staring at Fury. 

Fact 2: Fury was in front of the control panel for the Hulk cage.

Fact 3: The person who he was looking out of was in the Hulk cage.

Fact 4: If he could see through another’s eyes they were soul mates.

Conclusion 1: He was Loki’s soul mate. 

Conclusion 2: Loki was under mind control and beat to shit.

Summary: Tony was fucked.